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You have come to experience wines from the vineyards of the Pyrenees foothills so be prepared for some interesting driving over roads with hairpin bends and sheer drops but incredible scenery.

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Cave de Caramany


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The cave and the village of Caramany overlooks the River Agly, dominating the vineyards planted with old Carignan, Grenache and Syrah vines on slopes of gneiss and granite sand.





Roussillion Wine ToursCave de Caramany


The authentic, special nature of Caramany wines stems from a combination of grape varieties and a “terroir” that enjoys superb exposure to sunlight.

The winemakers of Caramany use traditional methods using whole-grape vinification for the Carignan and de-stemming the Grenache and Syrah to give the wine its typical full flavour.

Outstanding hospitality at the cave and the village is worth a visit.




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An attractive hill village with vineyards across the valley floor. The reconstructed windmill is an interesting feature. Several good local restaurants with village wines on the menu. While there, do visit the spectacularly sited Querbus Cathar castle.

On your return journey you can follow a route through the Gorges de Alamos. With sheer cliffs and chasms on both sides and the river far below, the road, one-way in places, is carved out to the rock face and is certainly not for the faint-hearted traveler.






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Banyuls Vins Doux

Spectacular coastal scenery and roads that wind up and down and through places like Collioure, Banyuls-sur-Mer, Port-Vendres and Cerbere are home to the fortified Banyuls Vins Doux. Made largely from Grenache after muntage (stopping fermentation by addition of alcohol) the wines are subjected to various forms of maturing in barrels, and in air, to produce a unique taste.

This area is right on the Spanish border, the most southern wine area in France





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Looking for a one-day Roussillon wine tour that takes you from a private vineyard in the Aspres region, to lunch in the artists haven of Collioure, and on to an afternoon in an amazing wine cellar in Banyuls sur Mer?

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