Wine Tours in France - Gaillac

Wine Tours In France - Gaillac

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Our top recommendation for wine tours in Gaillac: Puech Blanc

Puech Blanc

Only 45 minutes from Toulouse and Toulouse airport – Blagnac

France Wine Tours Gaillac


Half-day or one-day wine tour in Gaillac and Albi, Tarn

If you are passionate about great wine, simply enjoy good wine or want to broaden your interest in wine, then this is a tour you will love. The wine domains you will visit are the best in Gaillac where you will get an insider view, visiting the vineyards, tasting wines and talking to the winemakers.

YOUR PACKAGE for 1/2 day

From 35 euros p.p. including apéro, drinks and transport

Wine tour itinerary SUMMARY:

Free Pick up and drop off from your location within 20km of Gaillac, when you are coming from Toulouse we are happy to organise a taxi service, €100 return.
Visit to the family-run cellar of Chateau de la Croix for a commentated wine tasting
One more "dégustation" in a biological wine cellar, talking to a young winemaker who puts his heart and soul into the making of wine.
A beautiful walk among the vineyards or a visit to Cordes-sur-ciel, one of the amazing "bastide villages", according to the schedule.
Documentation on the Gaillac area
Apéro at PuechBlanc, our winefarm

Andrea and Ian Sutherland, PuechBlanc, Terses, 81150 Fayssac,,

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Vineyard Selection


Wine Tour Holidays In France Cave de Labastide de Lévis

81150 Labastide de Lévis
Tel: 05 63 53 73 63 Fax: 05 63 53 73 74
Website: E-mail:

Cave de Labastide de Lévis was established in 1949 and has over the years built a reputation for the excellence of their wines. Modern wine-making innovations coupled with traditional attitudes and support from 200 growers has made this a strong cooperative. Positive professional marketing results in the sale of over 6 million bottles a year both in France and international markets. The cave at Labastide de Lévis is excellent and most certainly worth a visit. The range of wines is totally representative of the Gaillac wine region and of a high quality.


Esprit de Labastide Gaillac Perlé 2007 12% 4.00€
A blend of 80% Mauzac, 10% Lenc de l'Elh, 10% Sauvignon Blanc grapes. A clean clear colour in the glass with a refreshing light acid tingle on the palate with flavours of citrus fruit and green apples. A very good summer wine with fish and seafood.

Esprit Brut Rose NV 11% 8.00€
Beautiful rose colour in the glass with a sweet fruity taste. A reminder of sparkling wines of years ago and a good reception wine to serve with sweet dishes such as meringues and ice cream.

Le Doux Secret Gaillac Doux 2005 50cl 12% 7.95€
A late harvest blend of 80% Mauzac and 20% Lenc de l'Elh grapes producing a dessert wine with tones of honeysuckle and wild flowers. An excellent wine to enjoy chilled with foie gras and cheeses like Munster and Camembert.

Tradition Gaillac Rouge 2005 12% 3.50€
A deep red wine with aromas of ripe berry fruits and on the palate tastes of plums, pepper, hay and wild herbs. A good structure with smooth tannins. Very much a drink today wine that you could enjoy with most meals.

Esprit de Labastide Gaillac Rouge 2006 12% 4.95€
A classic blend of 30% Duras, 30% Braucol, 20% Syrah, 20% Merlot grapes giving a bright red colour in the glass. On the nose, ripe red fruit and spices while the palate is complex with fruit, spices, tobacco and smooth tannins. Drink today, but will benefit from cellaring for 2 to 4 years.

La Grand Secret Gaillac Rouge 2005 12% 7.95€
Very much a Bordeaux style with a blend of 20% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Duras, 20% Braucol, 20% Syrah grapes aged in new oak giving a deep red colour in the glass. A complex nose of fruit, spices, tobacco, and pepper, while the complexity continues to the palate with smooth rounded tannins and a long structure and pleasant finish. This is a wine to savour today, however it would reward careful cellaring for up to 5 years.





French Wine Tour Holidays In Gaillac


Domaine d'Escausses

Earl Denis BALARAN Vigneron
81150 Sainte-Croix, France
Tel: 05 63 56 80 52 Fax: 05 63 56 87 62
Website: E-mail:

A 55 hectare vineyard in the Gaillac Appellation producing a range of Rouges (3 styles), Rose (1), Blancs (2 dry, 1 semi-sweet, 1 sweet), Gaillac Perlé, and Methode Gaillacoise (sweet sparkling). A pleasant tasting room with very good facilities. We tasted most of the range and enjoyed all of the wine styles.


La Cuvée des Drilles 2006 4.75€
A blend of largely Duras grapes with some Braucol. Deep dark red with an aromatic bouquet of red fruit and spices. On the palate, good fruit flavours with light tannins and smooth round finish. A drink-today style and very good value.

La Vigne Blanche 2006 5.95€
An assemblage of Syrah and Braucol grapes, with 20% of the wine having one year in new oak. Deep dark bright red colour with a nose of spices, plums and oak. On the palate, a complex and lengthy taste of red fruit, leather and spices with smooth round tannins. Drink now, or cellar carefully for up to 5 years. A good wine match with red meat and game.

La Croix Petite 2006 8.70€
An assemblage of Braucol, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. A very stylish wine that has had 1 year in oak barrels. A deep red colour and a delightful nose of plums, spices and leather. On the palate, a rich, concentrated taste with a long smooth finish. Sufficient tannins and acid for long life and development with careful cellaring. This is a fine wine with great promise of future enjoyment, and exceptional value!


Gaillac Wine Tour HolidaysLa Vigne de l'Oubli Blanc Sec 2006 8.30€
A classy dry white wine from Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle and Mauzac grapes which has been aged in oak barrels. A bright, light yellow with a very aromatic nose of tropical fruits and almonds. On the palate honey, tropical fruit and light oak tones with a fresh clean finish. This is an exceptional wine and the perfect match for creamed chicken, seafood and cheese dishes - anything that demands a big clean white. Also perfect as an aperitif with canapés.


La Vigne Galante Blanc Doux 2006 5.75€
A big full-bodied sweet wine made from Mauzac and Lenc de l'Elh grapes with a hint of Sauvignon Blanc with barrel aging resulting in a golden colour. Aromas of honey and honeysuckle, while the palate is full of lychees, tropical fruits and honey. A delightful dessert wine and ideal with blue cheeses, fruit cake and ice cream dishes.

Gaillac Wine ToursChateau de Lacroux

Pierre Derrieux and Sons
81150 CESTAYROLS, France
Tel: 05 63 56 88 88 88 Fax: 05 63 56 86 18

The Chateau de Lacroux vineyard is a family property presently, operated by the three Derrieux brothers, and has been in the family for 10 generations. The 38 hectare vineyard is mainly planted with the Gaillac grapes, Duras and Braucol red grapes with some Syrah and Merlot, while the whites are made from the  Gaillac grapes of Mauzac and Lenc de l'Eih, with some Sauvignon Blanc. They produce a full range of Gaillac wines of Rouges (4 styles), Rose (1), Blancs (2 dry, 1 sweet), Gaillac Perlé, and Sparkling (Methode Traditionnelle - dry, Methode Gaillacoise - sweet sparkling).

Vigne de Maurial A.O.C. Blanc Sec 1ser Côtes 2004 12.5% 5.50€ A blend of Mauzac and Lenc de l'Eih, with a hint of Sauvignon Blanc grapes to produce a dry white wine with light yellow colour with green flashes in the glass. Aromas of melons, citrus and honey while on the palate tones of almond, ripe stone fruits with a refreshing citrus finish. This is a delightful food wine that would partner seafood, especially oysters, fish and chicken.

Gaillac Wine Tour FranceVigne du Rial A.O.C. Rose 2007 13% 4.50€
An attractive pale pink with bright flashes of red in the glass. On the nose aromas of strawberries and summer fruits while the palate has tones of berry fruits and plums with a refreshing light acid finish. A delightful summer wine and ideal with a salmon salad at a barbecue or picnic.

Vigne du Castellan A.O.C. Rouge 2006 13% 5.00€
A blend of largely Duras and Braucol grapes resulting in a dense dark red in the glass. Aromas of plums and red fruit while on the palate there is ripe red fruit and spices with a very smooth rounded structure and pleasant finish. A very drinkable everyday Rouge that would be good with most meats, cheeses and game.

Vigne de Maurial A.O.C. Rouge 2005 13% 7.00€

A medal-winning wine (medal Argent 2007) that is an assemblage of 90% Braucol and 10% Duras grapes. It is deep, dark red with purple flashes in the glass. Aromas of plums, ripe cherries and blackcurrants. The palate is complex with fruit flavours like plums with good rounded tannins and a long lingering finish. This is a quality Gaillac rouge that would be ideal for game and red meat dishes. Drink now or cellar for even more enjoyment in 3 to 5 years time.

Wine Tour Holidays In GaillacDomaine de Labarthe

Jean ALBERT and sons Vigneron Indépendant
81150 CASTANET, France
Tel: 05 63 56 80 14 Fax: 05 63 56 84 81
Website: E-mail:

A 63 hectare vineyard of classical 30-year-old Gaillac grape varieties growing on stony south facing slopes. A very tidy and well-cared for vineyard - a real picture! The cellar is delightful and well-appointed - a must visit experience. Domaine de Labarthe produces a full range of Gaillac wines, Rouge, Rose, white - dry and sweet, Perlé, and sparkling, many of which have gained medals and awards. We tasted the whole range and every wine reflected quality and appropriate style and attention to detail. Unfortunately space restricts the number that we can review.


Domaine de Labarthe Gaillac A.O.C. Dry White 2007 12% 4.60€
A light yellow colour with green flashes in the glass. A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Mauzac grapes gives a nose of floral aromas and mineral while on the palate there is a lively pleasant fruit forward style with balance and finesse. A good wine to drink with any seafood, fish or white meat dishes, and great value.

Domaine de Labarthe Gaillac A.O.C. Fraicher Perlé 2007 12% 4.60€
A blend of free-run juice from Sauvignon Blanc and Mauzac grapes that has retained the wine lees to impart a clean refreshing tingle on the palate and a fresh grape sensation. An attractive wine with pale yellow colour and green flashes in the glass. Serve chilled as an aperitif instead of Champagne, with canapés before dinner.

Domaine de Labarthe Gaillac A.O.C. Premieres Cotes Dry White 2005 12% 4.80€
Pale yellow in the glass with a nose of honey and acacia. On the palate smooth tones of honey, citrus and melons. An excellent wine and a pleasure to drink with almost any white meats, seafood, fish and light cheeses.

Domaine de Labarthe Gaillac A.O.C. Cuvee Hermitage Dry White 2005 12% 6.80€
If you only ever drink one Gaillac dry white wine then this is the ONE to drink! It is total style from the carefully selected fruit of Sauvignon Blanc and Mauzac grapes, the oak barrel aging with lees stirring, to the bottle aging. The nose is complex with honey, fruit and almonds while the palate is even more complex and absolutely delightful. Excellent structure with a long lingering after taste; it would be the equal of the finest Chardonnays.


Domaine de Labarthe Gaillac A.O.C. Red 2006 12.5% 5.00€
This is their entry level rouge made from a blend of all of the Gaillac red grapes Duras, Braucol, plus lesser amounts of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The result a deep red wine with a nose of ripe red fruit and spices, while on the palate it shows good flavours, rounded tannins and pleasant structure. This is a great wine to drink now and every day with any red meats and cheeses.

Domaine de Labarthe Cuvee Guillaume Gaillac A.O.C. Red 2006 13% 7.90€
Selected hand-picked fruit from 80% Braucol, plus 20% of either Merlot or Syrah grapes giving a deep, dark red robe with a bright finish in the glass. The nose is of black cherries, fruit cake and oak while the palate is complex with a whole range of flavours that linger long in the mouth. With a rounded structure and smooth tannins it is drinkable today but will reward careful cellaring. This is an outstanding flagship wine that would stand proud in any company - a great experience to taste and enjoy.

Domaine de Labarthe Les Grains d'Or A.O.C. Sweet White 2004 12% alc 9.90€
This is the wine to put aside for the birth of your first child or a grandchild, or for a special anniversary. Made from very old vines of Lenc de l'Elh grapes that were allowed to hang on the vines beyond maturity to almost impossible levels of flavour and sugar, then fermented to produce a dark rich wine that still retains a floral bouquet with a pleasant ripe fruit character. This is very special!



Gaillac Wine Discovery with Andrea

Would you like personalised wine tours of the Gaillac wine region from a half day to 7 days duration?
Would you like to discover the Gaillac that most tourists miss?
Gaillac Wine Discovery takes you to outstanding producers with exceptional wines that you would spend days trying to find. Andrea Sutherland offers a Gaillac Wine Discovery one day Tours for €120.00 per person including a unique wine farm lunch. (Minimum two people). This tour is available all year round. Reservation required.

"Andrea, many thanks for a wonderful personal tour - exceptional!" Hamish Kidd

Gaillac Wine Discovery means:

  • - Deep wine knowledge
  • - Local knowledge and contacts
  • - Fantastic French food
  • - A guide fluent in English & French

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Gaillac Wine Discovery