The Duras Region

DURAS - mini Bordeaux?

The Appellation extends over approximately 2,000 hectares; it occupies the plateaux and the slopes south of the hillsides overlooking the Dropt valley, to the north-east of the territorial department. It groups together 15 towns and villages: Auriac-sur-Dropt, Baleyssagues, Duras, Esclottes, Loubès-Bernac, Moustier, Pardaillan, Saint-Astier, Saint-Jean-de-Duras, Saint-Sernin, Sainte-Colombe-de-Duras, Sauvetat-du-Dropt, Savignac-de-Duras, Soumensac and Villeneuve-de-Duras. 

Today, nearly 210 wine growers carry on the traditions, offering dry white, sweet white, red and rosé wines, all produced from characteristic native soil in which marly or molassic soil soils as well as limestone or clay-limestone hillsides predominate. Under the influence of an oceanic climate, Duras vineyards benefit from hotter, dryer weather than its Bordeaux neighbours, enabling the wines to mature in the best of conditions.



DURAS  a historical gem DISCOVERED!

We “discovered” Duras when exploring Bordeaux, Bergerac and the Dordogne. Here was a compact wine region neighbouring the vineyards of Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux in the Lot-et-Garonne region of Aquitaine with very fine and surprising wines and wonderful hospitable vineyard hosts. 

Famous people, popes, kings, including those of England, dukes and the like have appreciated the fine wines of Duras. One of the oldest Appellation d'Origine Controlée (AOC) areas in France, Côtes-de-Duras was given AOC status back in 1937. 

So come and join us as we take you on a journey of wine discovery!


 What makes this a great area for wine and food lovers?

If you find the larger wine regions like the Languedoc or the Loire too big and/or too spread out, then you are going to love the compact Duras area. In Duras town you have about five restaurants and cafes offering local produce and regional dishes such as beef and wonderful ham dishes with Duras wines. 

And the wines

Expect to be surprised with the quality of the regional wines. Red wines that are big with deep red colour, rounded structure and body dominated by Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. Rose wines that are fruity with the promise of strawberries and summer. Dry white wines that are crisp and clean with wonderful mineral and fruit flavours that makes them ideal for seafood, especially oysters. Semi-sweet Blancs Moelleux from Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon that are perfect for an aperitif, or with foie gras or blue cheese.

Add the cuisine of the south-west of France, and you have the perfect setting for your wine and food tour.

For more temptations Duras FOOD and CUISINE ..



Vineyards - a large number of Vigneron Indépendant vineyard properties with that special welcome and a wonderful range of wines.

La Maison des Vins de Duras - an exceptional wine experience with outstanding displays.

Chateau de Duras - history and grandeur right in the town.

Villages - discover villages where time has stood still and there is a pace of life that most of us are missing. 

Countryside - rolling wooded hills with vineyards scattered throughout, farms with cows and geese, sleepy villages, wandering streams and quiet green valleys.

Chocolates - a delight that is special to Duras - Maison Guinguet chocolate creations for gourmands <br

Unique foods and cuisine - enjoy the regional specialties such as terrine de l’hostellerie au foie gras et prune d’ente - a terrine that will make you wonder what you have been missing! And washed down with a glass of semi-sweet Blanc Moelleux.


In the huge vineyard that is France, Duras is a gem in wine and gastronomic terms. Come and discover for yourself the vineyards, the cuisine, the chocolate, the craftsmen, the history, the scenery and most of all the hospitable and welcoming local people.