Highlights of Chablis


Northern Burgundy/Chablis provides a wealth of tourism opportunities for those visiting the area. The ability to combine wine with historical sights and food makes it a memorable experience.



Stroll the gardens of the château at Epoisses or sample the world famous “Epoisses” cheese, which can be purchased directly from the award-winning producers.




Fontenay Abbey, founded in 1118 by St. Bernard, is a prime example of a perfectly preserved Cistercian abbey.












This walled medieval town is a fine example of local history; discover the magnificent views, explore the local museum and take a stroll around the outer wall of the town








A must to see is the archaeological museum displaying the remarkable contents of the famous tomb from Vix; treasures include the world famous "Vix Vase", a bronze masterpiece dating from 600 BC, and jewellery. Also worth a visit is the church of St. Vorles, one of the earliest Romanesque sanctuaries in Burgundy.