The Cahors Region 


The region - CAHORS - the River Lot Valley

The Lot winds its 500 kilometre path through the limestone country of Quercy creating fertile valleys with alluvial soils and broken limestone hillsides.

Cahors lies in a vast area described as the South-west, or Sud-Ouest, wine region which is a collection of over 10 wine regions that stretch from central France all the way to the Spanish border.

The Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Pyrénées. It is a compact area that is 60 kms long by 30 kms wide, comprising 4250 acres with 45 villages.

70% of the vineyards are concentrated along a narrow strip of land on each side of the Lot River between Cahors and Puy L'Eveque. Here the wines are powerful, full-bodied and very fruity. The balance of the vineyards are on the “causse” above Cahors, and their wines tend to be a little less robust, but have distinctive finesse and elegance. All of the hillside vineyards are predominantly limestone soils. 

The combination of these soils, particularly conducive to grape growing, with the mild climate and abundant sunshine, naturally contribute to giving Cahors wines all the marked characteristics of a great vineyard.

CAHORS – NATURE unspoiled!

Welcome to the Cahors wine region. It is a region has much to offer so, whatever your interests, from cultural to gastronomic, active to lazy, the Cahors region and the Lot Valley has something to offer the wine and food tourist. This lush, green rural retreat offers everything that’s good about France – fabulous but affordable food and wine, medieval ‘bastide’ villages, and a truly green country lifestyle where you can really unwind.



What makes this a great area for wine and food lovers?

The food of the Cahors is typical of Central France being hearty and generous and makes full use of the great variety of local produce farmed and grown here. Good soups, garlic, walnut oil, truffles, wild mushrooms and chestnuts and an abundance of vegetables form the basis of many dishes together with goose, duck and chicken fed on maize and corn, and lamb roasts and casseroles



Vineyards - enjoy the black wines of Cahors and warm hospitality

Chateaux - the region has more than its share of very special buildings of great character.

Historical villages - sample the life of those who controlled the Lot from villages and fortresses perched high above the river like Luzech and St. Cirq-Lapopie.

River Lot - experience the Lot either by boat, canoe or car.

Architecture - the white limestone houses of Quercy are amongst the most elegant and graceful of all French country buildings.

Rocamadour - the second most visited tourist spot in France, Rocamadour is a spectacular village and pilgrimage centre. <br

Unique foods and Cuisine - taste the rich flavours of the region by sampling Enchaud (Pork roast in lard) and other gourmet dishes. And to go with cuisine such as roast pork, the big, dark wines of Cahors.



We came to Cahors, the land of the Malbec grape, for just one wine, but what a wine, dark, strong and rich, the Black Wine of Cahors - once tried never forgotten!






WINE TOURS of the CAHORS - a full day guided tour with local wine expert to selected Cahors Domaines 

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