Highlights of Armagnac


Armagnac, the region, is famed for its douceur de vivre ("sweetness of life"): being home to foie gras and Armagnac brandy. So let's take a journey of indulgences

ARMAGNAC - THE ULTIMATE INDULGENCE?Take a quiet evening after a delightful dinner, and fine aged Bas Armagnac - perfection!






Armagnac makes the perfect cocktail and can be served in so many ways. Eau de Vie blanche is great in any vodka cocktail recipes, while Armagnac can be substituted for Cognac or Brandy. Try this for a long drink on a summer evening.



Armagnac Pointer

2 measures Armagnac
1 measure Cointreau
Juice 1 orange
1 tbs sugar syrup

Tonic to top up glass

Garnish: orange slice & mint

Stir all ingredients and add ice and tonic. Garnish with orange twist and fresh mint




Flambé adds another dimension to all desserts and tarts, for the perfect flavour use an aged Armagnac over any fruits and flambé.
A dish of Flambé Bananas with Armagnac gently simmering to reduce to the perfect sauce. Great on pancakes or with ice cream.

Crepes and Floc de Gascogne



To be honest I love Floc de Gascogne, and will drink it for lunch, in the afternoon, pre-dinner, with dessert, with cheese and even with coffee. A perfect match would be that shown - Crepes stuffed with Armagnac Flambe Apples and Cream.

Foie gras with Armagnac, Eau de Vie blanche , Floc de Gascogne




Armagnac and foie gras are a great match. The better and more focused the foie gras, the higher the quality of the Armagnac should be.