Highlights of Duras


If you are a wine tourist who wants a journey of discovery in a rural area and a compact wine region crammed with a vast range of attractions, Dropt and the Garonne river system, river boats, chateaux, historical wine villages, English Bastides towns, great markets and so much more; then the Duras wine region will appeal to you



Hot-air Ballooning

The Duras Montgolfier balloon festival usually takes place in the second week in August. Every day, fifteen or so brightly coloured hot-air balloons take off from Duras castle or one of the villages.

Medieval Festival
The touring Medieval festival visits Duras in August when there is a great feast for the public at the Chateaux.

Great Wine Festival
Early August sees the great Wine Festival with tasting of wines from the Duras appellation, inductions into the Brotherhood of the Wines of Duras. (buy a glass for 5 Euros and try out as much and as many of the local wines as you can)
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Duras Town





Duras Town like so many other medieval towns, villages and Bastides in the Duras region is remarkably well-conserved. Duras town is situated on the Dropt River and its quays once bustled with the loading of wine barrels onto "garbares", flat-bottomed boats, for shipping to Bordeaux. 

Chateau de Duras




The chateau has a long and lustrous history being built in 1308 as a fortress by Bertrand de Goth. By the 16th century the Durforts, Dukes of Duras, had converted it into a "residential dwelling". The chateau has been extensively renovated and today houses a fine museum and over 35 restored rooms that can be visited. Much of the building is open to the public and is certainly worth a visit. Well worth a visit and an explore.





Charming medieval village constructed largely in the 14th and 15th centuries, it was designed as a fortified town - "Bastide". It is situated 16 kms to the north of Duras and often described as the village of stone and timber. Very original and a real trip back to the Middle Ages. On Sundays this peaceful village comes vibrantly alive with a colourful and busy street market - considered to be in the top 100 markets in France.

Guinguet Chocolats

Duras is the home of Guinguet Chocolats who specialise in both hand-crafted chocolates and chocolate-coated Agen prunes. Direct public sales are available from their boutique and inspection of the manufacturing facilities are welcome - well worth a visit. Ph. 05 53 83 72 47 Directions from Tourist office


Eymet - Bastide town

This medieval village clusters around its square and for centuries has been the centre for commerce and regional life