Food and Cuisine in Duras


When it comes to food and cuisine, Central France/Perigord/Dordogne/Duras is at a geographical intersection that results in this region being a gastronomic centre in France. On one hand you have abundant supplies of beef and dairy products - cream and cheese,and on the other, geese and ducks plus truffles with farmed trout thrown in for good measure. The result is that the region has become renowned for rich dishes made with locally grown products.

Tour visits to local village markets let you get the true flavour of the essential “fresh is best” element of French country cuisine. The markets are great places to encounter regional producers who are always happy to share a little taste of their know-how!


About Duras Food


Duras has much in common with the cuisine of its neighbours Bergerac and Bordeaux. It brings together wonderful combinations of wine and cuisine such the the sweet wines of Monbazillac and pate de foie gras (duck or goose liver pate) for the perfect start to any meal. Or combine semi-sweet wines of Cotes du Duras with blue cheese or strawberries.

Look for Confit de Canard and Confit d’oie which are duck or goose joints cooked very slowly in their own fat. Also common are Ballotines (warm dishes of boned, stuffed, pressed poultry) and Galantines (the cold equivalents). Walnuts abound and walnut oil, Huile de Noix, is used in salads and seasonings - giving a delightful aroma to all cooking. Walnut cakes are popular.

Pork is a favourite meat along with beef in Central France. With an abundance of corn, pork has dropped in price and is readily available. Duras town has a number of cafes with outdoor dining - the perfect sunny lunch spot with a dish of trout on the menu.


All through France you will find great patisseries each with its own regional speciality, but it is hard anywhere to resist the tarte de crème anglaise avec les fraises, custard tart with strawberries and a fresh pot of coffee

Eating in Duras



La salade de tomates Marmandais et d'asperge
Salad of Marmandais tomatoes and asparagus
Lunch in the sun with wine, baguette and tasty local salad ingredients



Asperge blanche avec la vinaigrette
White asparagus with vinaigrette
Fresh asparagus in green, purple and white are all locally available round August and September



Quiche de saumon de salade
Salmon quiche salad
Another delightful cafe lunch in the sun with a salmon quiche with green salad



Porc avec les pommes
Pork with apples
Local pork in a white wine sauce with caramelised apple slices and onions



Seins de canard avec la sauce blanche de vin
Duck breasts with white wine sauce
Seared duck breasts served over mushrooms with a white wine sauce




poitrine de poulet dans le lard fume
Chicken breast in bacon
A delightful luncheon dish - tender chicken stuffed with herbs and wrapped in bacon with a truffle sauce

Confit de canard aux pommes de terre Confit of duck with potatoes


Serves 4

1 750 gm tin confit de canard pieces
4 potatoes
4 tomatoes
2 large onions
Salt & ground black pepper
Basil, leaves only



  1. Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees C.


  2. Warm the tin in hot water to soften fat. Remove the canard pieces from the tin and place on an oven tray in oven for 15 minutes


  3. Heat pan and add duck fat from tin. Slice unpeeled potatoes. Approx 5 mm thick, wash to remove starch and fry until golden brown. Remove, drain on paper towel and place on oven tray in oven.


  4. Fry sliced onions in fat in pan until soft and transparent. Add 200 ml red wine, heat and reduce.


  5. While duck and potatoes are in oven, prepare tomato sauce. Place tomatoes in simmering water until skins crack, remove, cool with cold water and remove skins. Cut into chunks. Heat in pan until soft, season.

To serve: 
Place a bed of onions in centre of heated plate. Put sliced potatoes on one side and tomatoes on the other. Place duck directly from the oven on top. Garnish with basil or parsley. Serve with a Duras red wine and plenty of French bread.

Chef’s tips

  1. We use our own confit de canard, but the tinned product is excellent


  2. Don’t overheat the duck - it only needs heating through


  3. Keep the duck fat as it is excellent for potatoes etc.